Flat Roof Installation

Here at Bespoke Roofline, we take pride in providing our customers with the greatest possible installation, time-scale, and price on our amazing flat roofs. Our workmen have been in the business for decades and are confident that they will leave a building looking refreshed and new whilst being safe and secure for any future projects. There are 3 main types of flat roofs we offer to our customers Rubber, Fiberglass and Felt you can find some information on the different types of roof and which may be best for your building below.

Types of Flat Roof


Our most popular installation. Although our fiberglass or glass reinforced plastic may be slightly more than your typical rubber roof we believe the extra investment is worth every penny. A fiberglass roof has a warranty for 20 years although the life expectancy is over 40 years. So this roof could effectively last the rest of the buildings lifetime whilst successfully doing its job. If you’re looking for a roof which is aesthetically pleasing then this is the one for you! Fiberglass can look like a metal at some points and gives your roof that classy finish; if you want your roof to be a color other than grey then this is also possible with fiberglass but will cost more and have to be ordered in advance.  Also if we were you we’d wait until summer if you’re going to choose a Fiberglass roof as it has to be dry throughout the whole installation process. Which is normally a rarity in British winter.

Pros- Resistant to corrosion, Great life span, Suits any type of roofing project. Looks great

Cons- Has to be done in dry weather, more expensive then felt.

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With quick and cost effective installation a rubber roof is perfect for any flat home. Our workmen are able to effectively work within a time scale which suits you in order to give your building/home the protection it needs and deserves from the harsh English weather. You may have seen some examples of poor rubber roofs online but this is only the case when people have tried to install them themselves or have employed unprofessional workmen. As well as offering manufacture guarantees we can honestly say that after 30 years in the business and 100% customer satisfaction it would be hard for us to make a mistake.

Pros- Flexible, Cheap to repair, cost effective, good life span.

Cons- Risk of Joint Glue contamination, can be easily damaged and/or vandalized.


This is the cheapest option when it comes to flat roofs, although in the long run should you plan to replace it after its 10-year lifespan it may become the most expensive. We would only recommend a felt roof for buildings such as sheds, greenhouses and maybe garages. This is because they are prone to weather damage also which means if gets too hot or cold then it may cause cracks in the roof which may lead to high repair costs.

Pros- Very cheap, Can be quick to install and repair.

Cons- Easily damaged/cracked, shorter life span, degrades quicker than any other type of flat roof.

Flat Roof Guarantee

  • Reliable! We know how important it is to each and every one of our customers no matter the project, that it is done on time. At Bespoke Roofline we can guarantee to you that all of the work will be done on the date that we originally planned and you can go back to living a peaceful life.
  • Experienced. All of our workers are professionally trained and have been in the business for years. You will be able to feel comfortable leaving our polite and respectful workmen in your home/building whilst you continue with everyday life. Background checks have been done on every single employee in the company so there is no need to worry about anything happening while you’re gone!
  • Safety Accredited. It is a massive responsibility for us to make sure the working environment is safe, not only for our workers but also any members of the public who may enter the building whilst it’s under our supervision. Having worked around the local London area for years we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we knew that our services had led to somebody else being injured Because of this we make sure that every worksite is 100% safe
  • Customer service. One of the key parts of our business is you the customer! It is our job to keep you happy before, during and after the project is completed. We are extremely happy to say that we have maintained a 100% customer satisfaction record and hope this will continue into our future projects.

Additonal Roofing Services

Our company also offers many other services such as gutter installation and Roof repair, blow you will find a brief description of just some of the other things we offer…

Flat Roof repair

Even if you chose to go with a different roof installation company don’t be afraid to get in touch if there are any cracks, leaks or damages to your flat roof which are in need of instant repair we are here to help!

Gutter installation

If you need to update or get a new gutter system then Bespoke rooflines are ready and waiting. Not only does a new gutter system stop any rainwater from leaking through your roof but it would also successfully disperse of the water. We also offer some awesome seamless Guttering systems which can actually make your house/building look more aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Don’t forget that we offer a free in Person or online quote just simply fill in the form on the right-hand side of your screen.